10 Second Ninja (PC) Review

10 Second Ninja – The super-hard super-fast reaction test ninja puzzle action platformer where you fight The Robot Hitler by bettering your performance repeatedly.

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10 Second Ninja (10SN) is an action platformer. In addition and as a separation to other platformers, it is also a puzzle game and a reaction test. “10 Second” refer to each level having a 10s-time limit before a certain failure, though the failure comes often a lot sooner. “Ninja” refers to the protagonist and accompanying core mechanics: running, jumping, sword hurling and throwing shurikens. These are the functions you are given and supposed to get through 6×8 levels super-fast with, since yes, the game is harsh. The story is mainly a funny excuse for the action yet the main element to make 10SN stand out. It is told via short cheap looking cartoon animations that are full of flat jokes that can actually make you laugh. The player is to fight Robot Hitler who wants to take control of the world and destroy all the Ninjas.



The only goal of 10SN is the destruction of all the enemies in the level. This success should be achieved as fast as possible. It then immediately leads to the next level. Obviously to an even harder one. Each level rewards you with 1-3 stars that work as a currency to open the next worlds. You are free to replay any previous level to earn more stars, and that you most certainly have to do since the required number of stars gets high quickly. In other words, the game is super-hard, naturally the more so as it progresses.

It seems the difficulty is really the essence of the game. The price is that there are no easier difficulty levels which exclude beginners and casual players. There is no reason not to be inclusive, so this is also the biggest weakness of the game. You are forced to dive into the deep end right from the start, and not given a chance to find your own way into the thrills of a challenge. This can act as a real turnoff or at least a minus if want to have the option, to begin playing with less challenge. That said, the satisfaction the game gives, accumulates, the more you learn to play it and the game manages to be very enjoyable, as well as highly addictive.




The real beauty of 10SN is that it is made of such simple elements and mechanics. The levels are made almost solely out of platforms and simple enemies. The features are revealed relatively slowly as you progress, which supports the elegant minimalism of the game.The few repetitive lackluster musical pieces the game has would be considered bad songs but succeed to support the overall cheap feel of the game perfectly. These Flash game-like aesthetics of the game suitably add to the kitsch mood making the product feel like it’s a two-euro joke on the surface but including a decent, positively surprising game under it.

Genre: Action, Platformer, Puzzle, Indie, Reaction-test

Platforms: PC (Steam), MAC                                                           

Developer: Four Circle Interactive

Publisher: Mastertronic

Date of release: 5th of March, 2014