Iron Marines Review

Are you looking for a fun mobile Real-time strategy(RTS) game without the annoying advertisements, microtransactions, and wait-timers? look no further as Iron Marines is doing that and more.

Iron Marines is the latest premium game by Ironhide game studio, the developers behind Kingdom Rush saga, the beloved and award-winning tower defense trilogy.

In Iron Marines, developers moved away from the world of fantasy and turned to sci-fi theme and you play as the commander of Marines and your mission is to save human colonies from invading alien armies.


If you are familiar with Kingdom Rush series, this game has definitely a lot of similarity with them, but in a good way! It has almost the same cartoonish, gorgeous art style and animations with even more attention to the details, AAA grade voice-overs, a variety of heroes and troops to pick from and All of those mashed with tons of references to popular games, movies, and animations. Iron Marines developers managed to keep the controls of the game simple while making the game experience deep, engaging which is perfect for the mobile platform and a big accomplishment for any mobile game developer.

There are 14 campaign missions and 10 special operations across two different worlds in the game with 4 levels of difficulty (Casual, Normal, Veteran and Impossible ).The game has 9 Heros each unique in terms of their characteristics, skills, and superpowers.It also offers more than 40 upgrades for the troops and more than 50 achievements which all attribute to the longevity of its gameplay.You can finish the game within 2-3 hours on normal difficulty if you are in a rush. but if what you are looking for is to try all the difficulties including the Impossible one and challenging yourself, unlocking all the upgrades and collecting all the achievements would take more than 10 hours.

Iron Marines is a polished, gorgeous looking mobile RTS that is very hard to beat but it’s not perfect, especially when you compare it to AAA real-time strategy games like Starcraft or Command & Conquer Series. The game lacks the depth of game mechanics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) those games have but so far “Iron Marines” is the best RTS title I have seen on the mobile platform. So, for those of you who are fans of RTS genre I recommend this game but please adjust your expectations accordingly!

Score: 9/10


Developers: Ironhide Game Studio
Release Date: Sep 14, 2017
Android, iOS

*Images are taken from Presskit provided by Ironhide game studio on their website.