Armored Warfare

Janne Paavilainen

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Platform: Windows
Genre: Tactical shooter, massively multiplayer online game

Armored Warfare follows the tracks of World of Tanks as a free-­to-­play online tank game in a modern setting. AW focuses on tracked and wheeled war machines built after World War II.

AW features 15 vs. 15 PvP battles and five player PvE missions for grinding reputation and money, which unlock new vehicles and upgrades. Currently in open beta, the game runs technically well ­ though loading times could be shorter.


For the sake of playability, the realism knob is toned down. AW is rather easy to get into, but there is still a lot to learn if you want to be a successful tank buster. There are different vehicle types, each vehicle has its pros and cons and, most importantly, the strong and weak points in their armour must be studied in order to survive in the battlefield.

Currently AW feels bit unbalanced in PvP battles: if enemies get a few consecutive kills, then they usually steamroll all over you and there is nothing you can do. Though there is matchmaking for balancing the scales, the outcome feels a lot like a lottery for the individual tanker.

Busting tanks is really fun and rewarding. Audiovisual quality is top notch and responsive controls with different vehicle types meet expectations. After a couple days of playing grinding becomes a bit too tedious as progress slows down considerably. Boosting is possible but it is currently a bit expensive for what it’s worth. Good game, but requires balancing for battles and economy.

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