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Moto 360 1s Generation is a smartwatch powered by Android for people who would like to have something more than just a regular watch, but they don’t want to be overwhelmed by its features. This watch will be the best for people who look for simple solutions.

As good as it might sound, Moto 360 has several issues. First of all, metal band is not adjustable meaning that you might have issues while checking your heart rate or using gestures to activate your watch. Not to mention of course too loose or tight band. Moreover, its battery is rather small and thus the smartwatch requires frequent charging which, however, does not take a lot of time. Wireless charger works pretty well.

Moto 360 is a pretty simple smartwatch which allows user to keep track of such things as footsteps and heart rate. We can connect it of course with our Android device and Google account. However, we can also special Motorola features if for some reason we do not want to link the smartwatch with

the account. What is interesting is that we can use our voice to control it (via Google Voice). Features provided by Motorola software are similar to Google ones, so if you do not want to connect your Google account, you can still keep tabs on your sport activities.

It is also very light and elegant, but its size might be a drawback for people who prefer smaller watches. Smartwatch is also only meant for Android devices. When it comes to UI, it’s rather simple and straightforward, the user is also given tips how to deal with different options.

As it was mentioned before, there are two major issues – poor life batter and not adjustable band which might be serious drawbacks for many potential users. However, it is worth to mention that Moto 360 was considered to be the best choices if one want edto have a smartwatch powered by Android. However, considering the fact of poor batter life, not adjustable band and just better smartwatches available, I would recommned buying something else than this watch.


• Size (LWH): 1.8 inches, 1.8 inches, 0.43 inches

• Weight: 2.08 ounces

Product Features

• Minimum Rated Talk Time: 4 hours

• Minimum Rated Standby Time: 16 hours

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