Crawling in Dungeon Siege II

The world of Aranna is not lacking in beautiful snowy forest paths.

Dungeon Siege II is sure to provide you with a great deal of exciting #dungeoncrawling.

Dungeon Siege II was released in 2005 as a sequel to Dungeon Siege and a predecessor of Dungeon Siege III and most players would agree that it is, by far, the best one in the series. Along with the expansion, Broken World, it offers 50-70 hours of gameplay, but the sheer amount of side quests and possibilities in the Land of Ehb can very easily increase that number up to 100+ hours.

The game is a party-based RPG, which means that you get to control a party of multiple characters which vary according to the level of difficulty selected: groups can have up to four people in
Mercenary difficulty, five in Veteran and six in Elite. One slot is reserved for the player’s custom character, and the others can be filled by recruiting NPCs or buying pets, which grow when fed with items. Each recruitable NPC has a different set of skills and background; thus, it is not uncommon to see them conversing with each other at certain points as the storyline progresses.

Looks like someone stumbled upon an interesting side quest.

The classes and specialities available are not very varied (Melee, Ranged, Nature Magic, Combat Magic), and each character can advance a relatively limited amount of skills. The Broken World
expansion also features two new classes: Blood Assassin and Fist of Stone. Most of the recruitable NPCs, especially later in the game, come with their own set of skills. Changing their specialities or making a hybrid character is, however, not easy; attempting so might leave you with a seriously underpowered character. As far as fighting is concerned, the player has two choices, either a casual click-to-attack mode or the rampage mode, which is more automated and pretty self-explanatory – both of these will be useful during the game. In addition to the basic skills and spells, each character has a powerful Hero Power which regenerates when basic attacks are used.

However, if you are more interested in multiplayer gaming, you would find DS2 at least disappointing – the multiplayer version was far from being a success, and the servers were disabled. Despite that, one could argue that Dungeon Siege II one of the best of its kind. It is evident that a lot of work has gone into creating the beautiful graphics, captivating storyline and outlandish music that allow a great dungeon crawling experience.

Developer: Gas Powered Games
Publisher: Square Enix
Platforms: PC
Release date: 16 August 2005
PEGI rating: 12
Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, German