Darkest Dungeon

Ingress: Delve into harsh dungeon in this rogue-like dungeon crawl by Red Hook Studios and see what emotional toll does the life of adventuring take. #DarkestDungeon


Darkest Dungeon is a game about maximizing the good output in bad and really bad situations. In the game you control multiple heroes and build teams of 4 to challenge one randomly generated area at a time. The game hosts tremendous amount of hero types and different skillsets to build your team from. The game bows to old and trusty D&D rulesets where each battle is always different because of the randomness involved.


All the variables involved in team building, it takes time to build the small strike teams to delve into dungeons with, and just using one type of team isn’t going to cut it. Reason is that on top of the amount of skillsets present characters have gear, trinkets, quirks and diseases, sanity and level to watch out for. In addition you will build your estate while in town between trips to reduce stress, heal quirks and treat diseases. Darkest Dungeon has unbelievable amount of things to watch for and each resource is scarcely given to the player and costs are high.


The thing about the game is its fair fighting system. It is turn based where order of actions are based on certain statuses and quirks. Because each actor in a battle (enemies too) take their turn one by one, the system adds a big layer of tactical thinking to it. Not only you have to take in account all the status modifiers by (de)buffs, gear and quirks, but to able to think few turns forward to maximize the use of party’s abilities. Battle system is fair, but there are fights where you absolutely decimate enemies or get ripped apart and everything in between.


Game is rewarding after you get the hang of it and can safely gear and level up more and more heroes. But, it is not for faint of heart because of grindy first few hours or because it can kill your heroes you have put numerous hours into. Oh, almost forgot. Deaths are permanent.

Developer/Publisher: Red Hook Studios

Release Date: January 19, 2016


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