Destiny: The Taken King – ExperiMENTAL


Five more minutes.

*bzzt* *bzzt*

– What now? No, I wasn’t happy to answer a call on my day off.

– Cayde-6 here. We’ve got a situation and you really need to stop sleeping all the time, because kicking Crota’s ass was nothing compared to this.

– Aaand why is that?

– Because it’s his daddy.

– Daddy? You mean Oryx? Damn.

– Yes.

– Can’t you get your buddy’s warlocks to investigate or those hammerheads to wreck it up? I’ve got a date on Mars later. And with a nice lady this time, I think.

– Uhmm, no. Commander Zavala requested that you and your fancy butt should go to Phobos because Cabal has broken all radio silence and is transmitting some kind of evacuating signal. Go and see what’s up, and if that has anything to do with Oryx.

– All right, all right. You better make this up to me, man. You still owe me 2 rounds.




Okay, so. Phobos it is then. What is so peculiar about that? Just some Cabal legion having a base there.

So far nothing but a glorious sight, Cabal leaving in a hur – now what IS that? That Legionnaire just got – consumed by this black goo. It looks like a Legionnaire, but it is not a Legionnaire. And it is angry. And the consumed, or rather Taken, monstrosities are slaughtering Cabal.

Dozens of these Taken enemies all around trying to slaughter me. Oh no, that ain’t happening, Oryx, sorry. Time to get back to a location where I get in my ship and back to orb – no, back to Tellus. And fast.

Got out, but it was not easy, Taken everywhere going in some kind of rampage, some splitting up, some using their shields to push me back…What else should I expect to see, when fighting these? And I bet I’ll be fighting these for a long while.



Cayde-6 was his usual itself in the debriefing. Eris Morn was her mystic self and that of course wasn’t good for the meeting. Cayde-6 was more interested in some Hunter stuff while those, oh, so smart Warlocks talked about proper strategy. Which of course is, according to Cayde-6, to send me find his hidden stash in Old Russia.

But first I must do a personal favor for him, before I can get to touch his stashes. One of his buddies is in trouble on Venus and is a Nightstalker, or that is what Cayde-6 told me. Nightstalkers are rare, but powerful. They harness their power from the Void to control and hunt down enemies. With a badass bow. Respect.

Found the buddy and destroyed a lot of Vex while searching for him. And learned how to wield a bow myself. Awesome.




So, um, Cayde-6 had this phenomenal idea to actually steal Eris Morn’s ship, attach the content of the stash on it to have some advanced level stealth ship that is of Hive origin. Can’t say that Eris was too happy to hear that, nor Zavala or Ikora Rey to that matter. I’m glad that I’m not stuck in the Tower at the moment. And of course *I* stole the ship, according to Cayde-6, because apparently me flying it makes the bad guy here. Time to add one more round to Cayde-6’s tab.


– Um, there is something wrong. That was my Ghost talking, I do not see anything wrong, however.

– And what that something might be?

– Our stealth drive is malfunctioning.

– It shouldn’t be, Cayde-6 was pretty adamant that his modifications do work, most of the time.

– Well, this is not one of those “most of the time” events then, stealth drive is off and that Dreadnaught is charging it’s lasers toward us. I might want to point out that this laser absolutely decimated the Awoken fleet – and they had their Queen partaking too in the fight. You might want to be careful.

– Pfft, carefulness is for those Warlocks and it’s a concept no Titan has ever heard of. I’ll just use my awesome skills to get us to the Dreadnaught and say hi to them.



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Destiny: The Taken King is the best addition to Bungie’s newest shooter and added bunch of stuff to the game: one new subclass to each class, weapons, a raid, multiplayer arenas, tweaks, story missions and new items to collect. At the same time Bungie redid leveling system so that player’s level doesn’t matter anymore, just the light level gained from gear and added other quality of life improvements.

Story is now where it should’ve been from the start, but raises more questions about the game and it’s course of development than it answers. Expansion is a nice addition, but after the hype leading to it’s release was gone, Bungie has been awfully quiet about future plans for Destiny and that has raised a lot of angry and critical discussion in multiple communities. Bungie’s clock is ticking and upcoming The Division is not going to make it any easier for them.

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