Disney Infinity 3.0

Mikko Tsokkinen

Platforms: Playstation 4 (tested), Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, Windows, iOS, Android
Developer: Avalanche Software
Publishers: Disney Interactive Studios, LucasArts
Players: 1 or 2 split screen
Release date: August 28, 2015
PEGI rating: 7

Disney Infinity 3.0 is an exciting third person open world action-adventure game for children with easy to use controls and superb Finnish localization of voice overs, character dialogue and text. Game has very clear and crisp comic book style graphics similar to animated Star Wars TV series and toys. Unique to Infinity are nice character figurines that must be placed in the base reader to play.

Infinity ships with Twilight of the Republic Star Wars play set with two character figurines. Play set story is located in few planets and space travel in between providing exciting story and gameplay for children. Typical tasks include visiting various places, fighting imperial forces and collecting items. Completing the grand adventure took only about 3 hours for 10 year old but additional time can be spent playing side quests.

Included toy box mode provides extensive world builder functionality that can be a source of endless fun and imagination for building and populating dream worlds with various items like buildings, vehicles, roads, decorations and characters from many different Disney franchises. Toy box worlds can also be downloaded and shared over Internet for extra joy.

Overall Infinity 3.0 is a very nice game for children hindered by low value for money due to very short play set, minimal improvements in toy box compared to earlier releases, and with very expensive additional playsets and figurines. Fortunately all previous Infinity figurines can be used in toy box mode.

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