Gods Will Be Watching

Pasi Kangas

Platform: Windows, OS X, Linux (iOS, Android TBA)
Developer: Deconstructeam
Publisher: Devolver Digital, 24th July 2014

Gods Will Be Watching is a beautifully written, well-narrated, dramatic story about survival, perseverance and friendship in a dystopian science fiction world where war is loose between an idealistic group of freedom fighters called Xenolifer and the Constellar Federation. Above all, it’s a story about mankind, and humanity.

On the surface, Gods Will Be Watching looks like a point & click adventure game. You move your character around the screen and choose from the numerous dialogue options presented to you. The twist is, that it actually plays like a resource management game. In the first chapter you are thrown in the middle of a hostage situation where your team is trying to hack into a secure database before the guards break in and take you out. Do you focus on hacking the database, keeping the guards away, or making sure that the hostages stay put? If something goes wrong (and it tends to), are you willing to risk the lives of others to save yourself? Time moves forwards with each action, so you are constantly under pressure and expected to make leaps of faith in order to achieve your goal in time. Every situation that the game puts you in is like a peculiar jenga tower where one poor choice might ruin a long run of flawless ones in a blink of an eye.

Gods Will Be Watching is a difficult game where pure chance can have an equal impact on the result as your chosen action, but there is a narrative-only mode for those who are in just for the absorbing storyline. If you enjoy slow-paced, narrative-heavy games and puzzle-solving, then this is the perfect game for you.

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