GUNS UP! is a free-to-play tower defense game with a military twist, where the players’ armies attack each other’s bases. The objective is to demolish the base’s head building to win the round. #gunsup #freetoplay #military #towerdefense

The other way to lose is if there isn’t enough munition for the troops. In that situation the enemy’s army demolishes the supply car and the round ends. The player’s own base should be improved after leveling-up so the player stands a chance to fight against the enemy. By winning, the player gets more useful cards for special moves and perks, munition and level-up points. The result is ranked using three stars and goes to online score board.

Tutorial takes the player straight to action but leaves some important things for the player to find out. For example, it’s important to use special move cards for fights and put achieved perks to upgrade different troops. Developing the base feels a little bit stiff at first because there isn’t much room for tents, towers and bunkers but after leveling up there’s more space to build. It’s nice to test out how long the base can survive against the CPU army attacks and surprise attacks from other players.

The game is a real time consumer if the player is hooked on winning the tasks and collecting more cards. Even though the game is free-to-play, the level-up system gets really slow and repetitive after a while, so some players might find it useful to buy upgrades using real money. The player gets more gold after some level-ups or by completing in-game tasks, but those are rare occasions.

There are some problems in the game. For example, it might be confusing that the game uses the same design and name for munition used in summoning troops in the battle and munition to buy stuff for the base, but those are actually two different things. Loading screen shows after every battle and there are bugs in the game which might turn a loss into a win in a few seconds, such as the troops run past the target because they don’t somehow recognize it. The game improves strategically when someone has an antiaircraft gun and just bombing missiles isn’t enough. The game-play and designing the base take some planning – so for a free-to-play game it is quite fun and catchy.


Publisher: SCEA

Developer: Valkyrie Entertainment

PEGI rating: 13

Platform: PlayStation 4

Number of players: 1 (vs. online battle)

Score: 6/10

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