In Love

Solve tasks in areas of sensuality, relationship and knowledge to win a lovey-dovey gift from your partner! #adultgame #partygame

In Love is a quiz-like board game for a romantic date or for a couple who just wants to get to know each other better. In the game a man and a woman compete and the winner gets a lovable price, for example at least five-minute massage for the next five days. The game’s idea is to ask questions and talk about yourself and your relationship. The player has to solve tasks and compete against a partner by answering questions in different categories. Both players get a task-card with four colors and a gift-card. In the course of the game, the player has to collect all colors shown in the task-card. If the player manages to do so before the partner does, it’s a victory. The winner’s gift-card is revealed in the end of the game. As a result, the player will know his/her partner better and probably learn something new about him/her.

I wanted to try the game with my partner with whom I’ve been together many years already. Some questions are super easy – say the full name of your partner – and some need imagination and are more like reaction and competition-based tasks. The game is pretty funny for example for a double date because some tasks are kind of bold to do and answer next to others. Some questions are a little bit outdated in their pop culture references, so it might be hard to answer to them. It is also frustrating to decide the winner in situations like: which one of you actually made the other laugh the last time and what kind of word your partner uses the most. Those are things you just can’t remember or don’t even know the answer yourself.

The biggest problem in the game is that in cards there’s a huge misprint with one color shade, the light pink has somehow printed to be light green! It’s confusing and I hope it doesn’t appear in any other copies of the game than Finnish version. I would note that the game gets boring easily because it uses the same kind of tasks just in different aspects and course is over fast if you really know your partner well. For a romance point of view there are probably better games to spend a romantic evening with.


Publisher: Marektoy

Designer: Bérengère de Buchy

Release Year: 2007

Number of Players: 2

Language: Finnish

Category: Party game, adult game

Playtime: 20-30 min

Age: 16+

Score: 6/10

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