Infamous: Second Son

Darkness has fallen over Seattle and street is littered with artificial light and neon signs. As I ran on the street I change myself into gaseous form and fly through nearby ventilation shaft that sends on the roof of the building. From my new vantage point at the top of the building I can see security forces have gathered around a surveillance trailer to maintain control over this part of the city. As I enter the edge of the building roof I suck up neon power from the nearby restaurant neon sign and start running down the building wall towards the security forces with neon bolts shooting from my hands.

In Second Son player assumes control over rebellious teenager Delsin Rowe in his quest to save his people from a curse summoned by the head of security forces. The Infamous world is populated with normal people, people with various superpowers (conduits), and well equipped security forces. Delsin’s special skill is the ability to absorb new superpowers from other conduits and utilize them himself. Gameplay is a combination free movement, combat with security forces, and story driven segments situated in a very large and detailed virtual city of Seattle.

Overall Second Son is a very good action game with interesting storyline, memorable characters, high impact graphics and large city to roam in. Combat is mostly straightforward but key locations, story missions and boss fights require more advanced tactics, and clever usage of superpowers. I found the game engaging, visually pleasing, interesting, and recommend the game for all action game players looking for high quality entertainment.

Platforms: PlayStation 4
Developer: Sucker Punch Productions
Publishers: Sony Computer Entertainment
Players: Single-player
Release date: March 21, 2014
PEGI rating: 16

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