Mad Max

Mikko Seppänen

Mad Max is an open world action-adventure game set in the post-apocalyptic future depicted in the Mad Max film series. The game sets itself as a sort of prequel to the Mad Max: Fury Road film but in all actuality it feels more like a new interpretation of the same material.

The main plot is rather simple. Max is robbed of his car and all of his supplies. He then sets out to resupply himself and to seek revenge on those who robbed him.
The graphics manage to bring the post-apocalyptic wasteland beautifully to life and even though there’s a limited number of a different terrain used it still finds ways to make each region of the large game map look and feel different.

There’s a variety of different mechanics in the gameplay. You can fight enemies on foot with free-flow melee combat and short-range shooting with your shotgun. There’s also a big focus on vehicular combat with harpoons, exploding spears and flamethrowers in your arsenal.
None of these mechanics though are implemented especially well. The melee combat is slower and clumsier than in other games using similar mechanics. The driving also feels timid with imprecise handling.

But sometimes all the mechanics click together and for a few fleeting moments it feels like you’re taking part in the beautiful frantic carnage of the film series. Unfortunately in the end the chase for these uncommon highpoints is brought down by the mediocre implementation of the gameplay mechanics combined with the rather buggy condition of the released game.

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