Make More! Review

Become the tyrannical factory owner you always wanted to be in Make More! #makemore #review
The basic idea of Make More! is to run factories and sell the goods they produce. You will be making more money, building factories and buying improvements in this management game. At first the game seems to throw a lot in front of you, and you may be wondering what exactly you should be doing. Once you figure out the different on-screen icons and factory improvement options, the gameplay is rather intuitive. In each of your factories, you will be playing the managers by tapping on your screen. This will make them pound their fists against the desk, which in turn makes the workers produce goods faster. If this is not enough, you can lead your team twice as efficiently by tapping with two fingers at once.


You can have up to nine workers in each factory, all hand-picked by you from a bunch of caricature candidates. They will be producing goods until their workstations are full, and emptying them will fill your pockets with money. You can spend your hard-earned cash on improving the speed of your workers, tapping efficiency or work-station capacity. You also need money to build more factories. On the factory screen, you will often see floating power-ups, which either give you money or short, powerful boosts that quickly fill your coffer.


The goods being produced eventually become slower to produce, and later on you will have to wait longer before you can afford something new. In a single gaming session you can very quickly spend your money on improvements, after which there isn’t much to do but to tap or wait around, and tapping quickly becomes less effective. You also have the option to speed up the process by spending actual money or by watching ads.

The graphics are simple and clear, and your workers look adorable. The game mostly communicates with icons instead of text, and although it may be confusing at first, this keeps the screen from filling up with too much information. You will also get satisfying audio feedback from cashing in your goods, and the music is pleasant to listen to. However, the sound effects are not necessary for gameplay, which means you can play anywhere with sound turned off. If you are looking for some light-hearted management action to play on your phone in short sessions throughout the day, Make More! might be a good choice for you.


Developer: Bad Crane Ltd.

Publisher: Fingersoft

Platform: iOS, Android

Release date: 20.10.2016