NeoNinja Review

A fast-paced puzzle-action game for dexterous and persistent players. 

NeoNinja is a challenging free-to-play mobile puzzle game for players with quick reflexes and agile fingers. You play as a ninja on a mission to take out the guards in the twenty levels available. The game rewards you with a bronze, silver or gold rating based on the time spent killing the guards in levels that last from a few seconds to several minutes. A gold-star performance requires a great deal of skill, but the later levels offer decent puzzle challenges even without the time trials.

The levels get increasingly difficult, and you will be presented with quite a few different tactics for killing your enemies. You move either by walking or dashing, and to kill the guards you will need to either dash through them or take them out with limited ranged weapons. Death comes quickly if you remain in the line of sight of an enemy, and you will often need to separate your enemies by luring them away from each other for safer kills. Most levels offer a good number of ways to do this, and the puzzle is in figuring out the order in which you want your enemies dead.

Coming up with a plan to complete the level requires a lot of trial and error, and how that plan will play out depends on how well you handle the touchscreen. In order to perform a dash you will need to swipe the screen to send you forward in a deadly fixed-distance attack, but by holding down your finger against the screen you can wait until the right time to make a move. The problem with this is that unless you use a stylus, your finger may block a huge area of the screen. The move cannot be cancelled, which will prove problematic when you face a situation in which you need to see what happens under your finger.

The levels can take several minutes, and messing up at the last enemy of a long level can be rather frustrating. However, starting over only takes a few seconds, and you will often find yourself giving a level just one more try instead of quitting. Trying to perfect the execution of your plan, make a new record time or simply finish a level can be very fun and addictive. The low learning curve and high skill requirement make for an interesting game with plenty of replay value, and even though your fingers may sometimes get in the way, the game makes up for this with good and simple touchscreen controls.

Developer: Kyy Games
Publisher: Kyy Games
Platform: Android
Release date: N/A
Rating: PEGI 16