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Forget about steaks, ribs or bbqs! Here comes the soup, nom nom! #Nomnomgalaxy

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Nom nom nom nom, soup? Like soup, no? Too bad.

I found a nice job opening at one of the newer companies that tries to dominate the whole world. I gotta tell you, it ain’t easy. Running around the landscape up and down gathering materials, killing tomatoes and rival companies’ invaders, destroying blocks of materia to find some disks and currencies. Also managing each part of the factory: power consumption, bots, soup rockets, soup makers, layout of the factory, extending the factory, automating the production line, managing defenses and of course making sure that soup never ends in this part of the galaxy!


All this in just one day’s worth of work and we, well me at least, work from sunrise to dawn. No matter how much I run around kicking bots that have managed to fell asleep or finding new soup combinations, I do not get paid more than my basic salary if the soup doesn’t flow non-stop to the galaxy. I know reaching the 100% market-share is important, but is it really this important? The amount of work needed to do on my third and fourth assignment is phenomenal! First two assignments were somewhat nice as I had some kind of guiding, but now? None, and I do not get to leave until we absolutely own the planet’s soup output and give noms to the people!

While I like the job, it gives me this exploration vibe and finding new soup recipes is rewarding in itself, I think that unless I work nonstop for few days at the start of an assignment to automate the factory I do not get to explore beautiful worlds. So, do not apply for this job if you don’t like either of the following: managing factories while being single-handedly responsible for finding new recipes or you find killing tomatoes and corns is against your ethics. But apply for this job if you like to find mushroom patches and like eating them while bots do your job or you like to slice up blocks and blocks of materia with some tomatoes in between. This is hard work, and there are lot of information to be digested at first, but give it time. After some good couple of weeks doing this you will love the soup and most importantly our company!

If you really can’t digest all that stuff alone, take a friend or two or even three with you! Just don’t tell them about the mushroom patch and everything is much more funnier and job doesn’t taste the same anymore!
Developer / Publisher: PixelJunk / Double Eleven Limited
Release date: 4th of August 2015
Platform: PC (Steam) + PlayStation 4

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