There’s No Stopping the NonStop Knight.

While Nonstop Knight by Flare Games is labeled as an Action RPG, it doesn’t take long for you to realize that there isn’t much you have to do as your knight barges through dungeon after dungeon, slaying enemies and bosses on the way. The knight is very much capable of handling the monsters on their own, but with the player’s aid of activating special attacks the game gets a little bit more exciting. Essentially, your role of a player is more of an assist than playing as the main character. Your knight continues on his dungeon rampage while you’re not playing the game (you benefit from getting loot still). However, there are times where you are required to step in to upgrade his equipment, check on his skill sets and prompt him to ascend to another level to acquire more loot.


NonStop Knight is intriguing (and is as addictive) due to its mechanics, the design combination of idle mobile games and the action-packed motion sequence of Action RPGs. Beyond the obvious gameplay (and if you get really competitive), there is also space for strategy. As you plan the combination of equipments and time the use of your acquired skills, your hero can move ahead through the dungeon faster, and once you decide to move on from acquiring loot – you can ascend to the next dungeon. It also seems that every time when you start from floor one, you advance through the floors at a faster pace. This then provides itself as a challenge in terms of how fast you can beat your previous self (or other people) in the shortest time frame yet.

As with all free-to-play games, Nonstop Knight has the usual micro-transactions and ads to help you advance through the game faster, but the approach feels rather subtle than most. Throughout the whole game play, there was no point where the micro-transactions or ads felt like a compelling need for me to continue the game. The loot I acquired in-game itself was sufficient for me to work on my progress, and the ads are integrated well enough within the game itself that taking a break from helping my hero felt fine, and I could easily pick up back from where I left off.

To sum it up, Nonstop Knight is an interesting title to pick up. But be forewarned – the never-ending quests and fast pace action will feed on your compulsion for content (if you’re like me), and you’ll get hooked easily. If you’re the type who doesn’t want to want waste hours to a game on the other hand, you can leave it running in the background while getting some things done, and come back to help your knight when you feel like it.

Developer: Flare Games
Platform: Android / iOS
Release date: June 2, 2016