Playing Monopoly with children is an exciting experience

Monopoly is a captivating property trading board game loosely based on economic concept of single entity market domination. The economic dimension, dealing with money, property trades, random events and bankrupting players makes the game experience very emotional for the players.

The core gameplay consists of buying and developing properties to maximize rent from other players while avoiding landing on other player properties in order to avoid paying rent to other players. Game is won by the player that achieves Monopoly by bankrupting other players. Typically player is bankrupted by landing on other players high rent property and not affording to pay the rent. Having to pay rent to other players instead of paying to the bank increases the excitement of the game. Gameplay is mostly based on random elements like dice rolling and card drawing but success also requires some strategic thinking and negotiation skills. Typical game lasts for couple of hours and gameplay is more satisfying with three or more players.

For this review I played the original US edition with my family. I think Monopoly is very rewarding game for players of all ages. Children were moved by the experience like no other board game we have played before. Collecting rent from sister, brother, mom or dad was a constant joy for them while paying rent to other player felt always very unfair. Bankrupting a family member was the ultimate rush that left nobody cold. For me going bankrupt felt as heartbreaking as it has ever had.

Social play is integral part of Monopoly. In order to develop properties negotiations on trades between players is in practice mandatory and typically during the game discussions return to these deals and their fairness. These negotiations were a new experience for children and they significantly improved their bargaining skills after a few games. Chores in Monopoly are also rewarding and both children wanted to take turns being a banker in the game. This social play makes Monopoly stand-out from many board games and adds to gameplay excitement and engagement.

Monopoly is a game that is worth playing. The gameplay is engaging, rewarding and social with a lot of luck and a bit of skill. Every game of Monopoly is an emotional roller coaster that you will remember whether you win or lose.

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