Pokémon Rumble World


In Pokémon Rumble World player is set to collect as many species of Pokémon as possible, like in any other Pokémon game. This game is fourth in the Pokémon Rumble spin-off series. Gameplay differs from the original Pokémon games greatly. First difference is that the game is a freemium game, meaning that the game itself is free, but includes in-game microtransactions. Second big difference is that instead of following a trainer’s journey from gym leader to another you follow your own Mii’s journey to capture as many different species of Pokémon as possible.


Game starts with minimal tutorial with no other than Pikachu. After short tutorial, you’re given a quest to acquire larger collection of unique Pokémon than a mean wizard to show the king what you’re made of. Story is very light and the main things to do in the game is to gather Pokémon, unlock and buy different items for your Mii. Controls of the game are intuitive as you only need to know how to move your Pokémon in the small corridor-like levels and use two different attacks.


Previous knowledge of Pokémon series is not needed or required but it helps a lot. Knowing which type of Pokémon is strong or weak against certain types makes rushing through areas a lot easier. This is where game’s freemium model starts to show. After you’ve travelled to an area and cleared it, you need to wait certain amount of time until you can go there again, unless you pay to get there again instantly. You travel by using hot air balloons and you need one for each area. Time for recharge starts from 30 minutes and jumps to hours really quickly. Developers must know how addicting catching all the Pokémon is.


I can’t recommend this game for those who have played original Pokémon series. This game lacks story, minmaxing your team and Pokémon abilities and so on. Because it is free and somewhat fun to play with no emergent bugs or glitches, I’d recommend this for younger children who still has to see the beauty of collecting Pokémon. Parental caution is advised, because of in-game real money transactions.

Publisher/Developer: Nintendo/Ambrella

Release Date: 8th of April, 2015 (Nintendo eShop)

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Players: 1

Ingress: In this Pokémon spin-off player still gets to “catch em all”, but with a freemium model. #Pokémon #ToyPokémon

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