Quantum Siege-review

In 1492 the Quantum Gates appeared on Earth to help humanity to explore further. But from a dark future came the Evil Architects and claimed the Gates their own for the power the Gates possessed. Building impenetrable steel fortresses around the Gates, and armed with weapons humans could not defend against, they were unstoppable. One Gate remained hidden however. A few brave souls entered into its timeless depths, and returned as the Chosen, with knowledge to defeat the Architects. So began the final war for humanity, the Quantum Siege.

Taking place in a world of Quantum Gates, the gameplay revolves around the concept of the Gate, and its surroundings. Quite literally revolves, as the game is being lauded for its gameplay mechanics, where the player can spin the level around a full 360 degrees. This is made impressive, and possible by the simplistic level design, where all the action of the level is happening on-screen, ie. The initial view of the area is the level, but can be rotated around.


The idea of Quantum Siege is to capture back the invaded Gates. The player gets 2 heroes, selectable from the various Chosen, and six units of different types of fighters. Four of the units are infantry, and two units are reserved for artillery.

The heroes and all of the units can be upgraded by items, from winning battles or by purchasing from the store using real money.

The levels consist of one or more Gates, and possible directions where enemy reinforcements might come from. In each level, the Gate is surround by a different Steel structure, and enemies and their artillery in place already. The player has the starting turn for the battle, and can choose to use the Chosen’s special powers in the beginning, or by choosing which unit to enter the battlefield first.

After each choice, a recharge timer starts counting down until a new move is possible.

For weaker units the timer is shorter, for The Chosen and their special powers, the timer is longer.

The game has single-player campaign mode and a multiplayer versus mode.

Even in its early stage the game is fun to play, but as for all F2P-games, the idea of character and item customization by spending lots of money is appalling for me. When combined with waiting times for items and levels, if you choose not to pay, is a bit too much for me to enjoy the game fully, even in its technical, graphical glory, which is a shame.




Game: Quantum Siege

Genre: RTS

Developer: Armada Interactive

Platforms: Android, iOs

Release date: Q4 2017, now available as an early version

Language: English