The X-Files: Deep State review

The X-Files: Deep State is a fun and easy F2P hidden object game for mobile and tablets.

The X-Files: Deep State is based on the cult TV-series the X-Files and the player is a perky FBI Agent rookie (male or female) that solves weird cases with at first irritating and later endearing partner Agent Dale. The cases go from gruesome murders and baffling disappearances to disease outbreaks and dead buffalos. Although the cases seem separate at first, there is something sinister going on behind the scenes that connects these cases.

The player searches for certain hidden objects from intricately drawn locations in a designated timeframe. Each case consists of several different searchable locations, light puzzles and conversations the agents have with the suspects, each other, their superiors and colleagues. The hidden object challenges are mostly enjoyably easy but diverse in their execution and that keeps the game fresh. Every location can be played ten different times and every successful run-through awards the player a star, in-game money, points and energy.

The stars and energy are needed to unlock the next conversations, locations and puzzles. The puzzles include for instance helping in autopsies, triangulating location of suspects or finding a correct combination for a lock. However, they are unfortunately so easy that it is almost a crime to call them puzzles. Tapping the screen is the only thing that the player has to do. In-game money can be used to buy customizations to the character or helpful boosters that makes finding the hidden objects easier. The boosters, for example, can freeze the clock or bring back lights and colors to the location, character customizations include different hairstyles and clothes.

The game uses every opportunity to try and entice players to use real money. This can get a bit irritating after a while. Luckily it can be played without using any money at all, if the player is patient. Every action costs energy and when the energy bar is empty, the player needs to either wait for it to recharge or use actual money to buy more of it. Sometimes the investigation is also brought to a screeching halt and to continue, the player needs to wait for a long time (4-18 hours) or buy their way out of it with hard currency. The game also heavily promotes several different package deals that contain energy and loot boxes among other things.

The advertisement picture for the X-Files: Deep State is a bit false as it presents Mulder and Scully in the middle, giving the expression that those are playable characters. Nevertheless, for an X-Files fan the game is a great way to expand the lore, as the cases are related to the mythology of the series. It is fun to be able to talk to Mulder and Scully while solving some of the cases and have a choice whether your character is a believer or a sceptic. The game is easy and addictive so it can be enjoyed even if you are not fan of the series. Recommended to patient players who enjoy casual hidden object games!

Developer: Creative Mobile

Publisher: Creative Mobile

Platforms: Android, IOS, Facebook

Micro transactions: 1,99 € – 24,99 €

Release date: 6.2.2018

Pegi: 18