Until Dawn: Play the horror movie

Nikola Adamus

Have you ever watched horror movie and screamed “No, don’t do that, it’s stupid!”? “Until Dawn” is a game which gives you an opportunity to see if you would be a good horror movie hero.

“Until Dawn” is an interactive horror movie with all what it takes to be a movie. Storyline is cut into chapters which are divided into episodes. Between them we can watch “previously on Until Dawn” and see what happened earlier. Movie-like atmosphere was a conscious design choice which makes game more interesting than others from this genre.

Players are given some control over the events – they are given flashbacks from the future, so sometimes there is a tension between being a real player and touching everything and a hero from horror movie who just want to survive.

Apart from that, game does not have complicated mechanics – most of the complex situations like shooting or climbing is being resolved through QTE (quick time events) and whereas they’re not liked by many players, here QTE enhances the experience of story and movie-like atmosphere.

Game mocks player from the beginning by classical class B horror movie opening just in order to get him or her into more intricate plots which players has to solve, one by one. Every decision, even the smallest one, has its own consequences in the future and thus makes player to play game again just in order to check what would happen if he or she did something else.

So if you want to play good horror game without shooting and fighting, but enjoying the scary and sometimes creepy story then “Until Dawn is for you”

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